Did You Know that Talentuum Offers Several Assessment Tools?

Talentuum actually offers SIX powerful tools to identify with precision the strenghts and area of improvement in your organisation.They are the Sales Culture Maturity Index (SCMI), Prevue, SCA, MAP, SSI and the ROI Methodology. Visit the www.talentuum.com/aligner_en.html to download sample reports and get more information.

Louis Larochelle
Vice-president Professional Services
(514) 697-2542 ext. 205


A New Facebook Page for Talentuum

You are invited to “like” our new Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TALENTUUM. Its content is updated daily and it allows to improve your skills in business development and educate you on psychometric and 360 degrees assessment tools.

Louis Larochelle, Vice President Professional Services

(514) 697-2542 ext 205