SCMI in Action: Construction Industry

A Canadian company has decided to assess the health of its sales culture with the Sales Culture Maturity Index offered by TALENTUUM.

More than 100 employees have completed the online questionnaire. Here is the CEO’s comment following the results presentation: “This is exactly the picture we were looking for all Canadian subsidiaries.”
The SCMI assessment was indeed very revealing for senior management. Among other things, it showed that most respondents felt relatively accountable for contributing, directly or indirectly to business development.

Despite such good news, Senior Management decided they could not settle for a National SCMI result of 2.52 placing the organization in Limited Opportunities Mode. Therefore, they will now use the critical input provided by the Sales Culture Maturity Index to implement concrete and targeted actions within each branch. Because of the SCMI, executives can now focus their efforts on four specific dimensions: Management / Coaching, Sales Process, Learning Process and Communication Process.

A second SCMI assessment is panned in 2014 to assess the progression of the sales culture.

One thing is certain, the company has taken the first steps to bring about a sales culture that will invitemaximise the contribution of all employees to the business development process.

You want to get your own SCMI analysis, contact TALENTUUM at (514) 697-2542 or visit


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